Hello world!

‘I don’t Know… But here is what I have so far. Non-Answers to life’s biggest questions’ is a very long title. It will be available for purchase soon so hang in there. The ‘free’ preview version is now gone as we are no longer reviewing the contents, we are printing them. Thanks to all the folks whom participated in the pre-reads, your comments were fun and mostly incorrect haha. : ) Much love and thanks again.


Whats Next

As the first big step in a 10000 mile journey begins, there are, of course, many plans for steps two, and three, and well, I am sure you know the rest of the numbers : ) But here are a few of the things each step will bring.

Step 01

I Don’t Know… Book GTG

I feel like it’s pretty obvious but yes, step one was write the book and get it published.

Step 02

Additional content

Create content in the form of audio and video elements that further the reach and understanding of the book and its contents. Use various platforms to reach out to new, let’s say, non-readers. And provide additional, perhaps more detailed explanations for some of the books content and really allow it to come to life.

This content will be available for free and it should be all on this site. So check back : )

Step 03

Book 2 begins…

Yes it’s true, and already words are going to page for the second book ‘I Don’t Care… and neither should you. Finding peace in Chaos.’ Not quite as long a title this time but this will be a bit more centred on self and how we can effectively create for ourselves what we want, assuming we know what that is. I will explain what the title means, how to use this, let’s say, attitude in your daily life to find quiet mind time. I will give several great examples on how not to care, in a good way : )

Step 04

Seize Your Moment

I have no idea what this moment will be or when or how but, I will, and it will be marvellous.

The new path will emerge and the healing can begin.

Prepare yourself my friends, creation is at your fingertips, choose well, we are counting on you.

Working copy of Front cover
Working copy of back cover
The working copy of the book cover
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