Well Hello,

So you have discovered my webpage for my book : )

I Don’t Know… But, here is what I have so far. Non-Answers to life’s biggest questions. 

First I guess I should say, this is not even close to the first book I have written, in fact, I have written many things including Movies, TV series layouts for 7 years of production, Poems, Song Lyrics, Short Stories, Essays, Love Letters, dating profiles, comments and posts and a few tweets and every other silly social media ‘communication’ there is.This is however a momentous occasion (cheers and applause are heard, crowd settles), as it is the first time that I decided to share, that is to Publish one of my creative endeavours. You see for me, writing, like most things I do in life, are done by the self for the self, that is to say, I do them because I want to and because they need to be done and, of course, goals are fun to achieve.

There is a common situation, I am sure you have been in, where several people sit around discussing things that need to be done, someone should do this or someone should tell them that, someone… well I am someone, so I will. News Flash!!!! You are someone also!!!

When I set my mind to task on a thing, in this case a book, a process begins, one that involves research, learning and actions that are new and exciting and challenges anew at every turn. It’s so great. Recently I have started embarking on some semi-complicated auto repair projects and for no particular reason other than they need to be done by someone and I am someone so… fun.

So if you have found your way here and are reading this welcome and let’s stop rambling for a moment and get to the links.


Amazon Paperback – final version – and audiobook – read by the author Now available HERE



Kindle edition for $5.00


Buy I Don't Know... But here is what I have so far. from Amazon


Buy I Don't Know... But here is what I have so far. at Barns and Noble


Visit the Outskirts Press page for the .pdf version now…here… or visit https://outskirtspress.com/idontknowbook

You can also order a PDF for $5.00 version and/or the book from the Outskirts Press and receive a 10% discount on the book but it’s not a better rate for shipping and defiantly not for Canadians. Canadians should order from Amazon or wait for your Special Author Copy.

Also included here soon will be videos I have and will be making that share perspective on the contents of the I Don’t Know… book and expand its reach a bit and probably steer towards content that will be covered in the next book I Don’t Care… And yes this is a trilogy, of course, the third book is a far away dream still but a dream that I keep having so that’s good : )


I have made an about the Author page but I would not be to excited by this as I will not be oversharing, you see it is the message not the messenger that is of primary concern and I really don’t want to be all that involved in the course the message takes and takes you. I would very much like to hear, if you wanted to share, how this message found you and how it has helped or hindered or both your life’s journey. comments@idontknowbook.com will work just splendidly for this or perhaps there will be a blog like space below that you can share with me and others your stories. That would be fun : )

Well there you have it for now, I really don’t have or want to have all that much time to spend here doing this, it is far more fun for me to dig deep into the topics and disappear into the keyboard while the ideas flow from creation to creator to you, I sometimes don’t feel like I am all that much involved other than the tool that puts these thought into the ‘voice’ I have acquired in this life so far and if by chance this ‘voice’ of mine speaks to you, thank you, but remember it is the message that you have been hearing in your heart and in your mind for the whole of time, it is the only thing that you have ever really cared to know and it is how you intemperate this message, how you chose to implement it into who you are and what you do while you are part of this thing, this happening that we are all sharing that matters the most. This, these tools I have been given to share are yours to learn and do with as you please, enjoy what they have to offer and do not feel as though this is a secret that you must keep, it is not, share with those whom seek this information, help those whom desire help and do not feel that those who do not know and who do not want to know are at fault. Let them be, all is well, they are and will be fine and find it for themselves when it is time, as you did so shall they. Be patient, allow yourself and others the time needed, practice, progress not perfection, and always love love love, love is all we need.


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If you have a copy of my book but would like me to read it to.

send me a comment to that effect and include a pic of you holding the book and I may have a link to a free version of the audiobook that you can secretly learn about.